Winjammer Belgians

Winjammer Saga My first trip to the French specialty was in 1994. I will never forget the Tervuren Open male class line-up..the most beautiful line up of dogs I had ever seen (the quality never to be repeated since, in my humble opinion) …Foehn du Bois du Tot, Giono du Bois du Tot, Gourou du Crepuscule des Loups, Hautain de Perigord Vert, Happy Dreams de la Clairere Aux Louves, Pavot van de Hoge Laer…. I realized then I knew nothing about Belgian type and became obsessed to broaden my knowledge. The learning became a burning passion…I knew someday I would return to France and show a dog of my breeding. It took a very long time, and lots of help and encouragement from mentors (THANK YOU Dr Yves Surget, Joel Jouannet, Sophie Jouannet, and Philippe Suter), but finally last weekend I made it back to the French Specialty with UKC GR CH Winjammers Lifes Short “Player” owned by Joyce Geller and bred by myself. Player is from UKC CH Omega du Bois du Tot x Winjammers No Rules {Gourou x Kindje (Chaka van de Lamar x Dinta v Nikarone} On Tuesday August the 21st, Joyce Geller and I flew to Amsterdam with 5 dogs (Australaeken Ally-L, Player-T, Winjammers Secret Promise-T, Fakaiser’s Yana de Yoconde-T, and Winjammers Crimes Of The Heart -L). My dear friends Monique Blankevoort and her daughter Kayleigh with Promise- Eedwer van Moned, Hennie and Lydia Kapelle and their daughter Marlon with Juvell van Moned, and Laekenois sr Winjammers Hardwired (not entered) and F’Lennox d’Eroudur picked us up at 6:30 am. We then drove to meet Carla from Germany with her young Tervuren Devon. The whole caravan of us and dogs drove immediately to the home of the beautiful Ch Laeken Arpo du Hameau Saint Blaise (with countless titles). There Australaeken Ally was bred the first time (later twice at the French Specialty). We are so excited about this combination! After that we drove on to a small town near the Specialty to a gorgeous campgrounds. This was to be our home until Sunday. Every day was just so much fun! We slept in on Friday and then arrived at the Specialty in the evening to participate in the character test with Player and Promise-Eedwer. Both dogs passed with flying colors..both the social and the gun test. We were very happy with the results as you must pass to be eligible to try for the sr (sujet reccomende). We all went back to the campsite and celebrated with some great French wine : ) Saturday morning we arrived bright and early to the Specialty. It was a very exciting time for all of us. There were 60+ (I think 67) females entered in the open class. The judge was the highly respected breed authority judge, Amanda Mac Laren. After a LONG time in the ring, when all was said and done 1st place/CAC was awarded to Player!!!! OMG a dream come true for sure. So much excitement, so many tears, so many wonderful hugs and heartfelt congratulations. I cannot put into words how I felt at that moment….there is just no way to describe my feelings…A little bit later Player was also awarded Best Female Tervuren over all the females including the Ch’s and young class (121 total entry). Promise-Eedwer placed 9th in the open class also! Later Player competed with the breathtaking Usky du Crepuscule des Loups and Usky was awarded Best Tervuren : ) The next day was the selection for the sr. I was a bit nervous because a panel of judges (Dr Schaffner, Michel Griol, Berton-Sarlat, Denis Descamps) who would decide by pedigree, rating, proof of normal hips, passing of the character test..which dogs would be recommended for breeding. After almost 2 hours in the show ring, Player was pulled FIRST (which I was told by one of the judges meant that ALL the judges agreed on Player!!! It was unanimous!!!!!). Player became our 2nd sr (bred by Winjammer)…Juice being the 1st (Laeken). It also makes Winjammer the first American kennel to win a CAC at the French Specialty, which is the largest and most prestigious Specialty in the world. Dreams do come true…Life’s Short…Play hard!